Southfield Park Primary School

Long Grove Road, Epsom, Surrey, KT19 8TF

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Design Technology Curriculum Intent

At Southfield Park, the Design and Technology curriculum is developed to allow children to be creative and imaginative in designing and making products. As a practical subject it allows children to solve real and relevant problems in a range of contexts linked to their thematic study. This allows the links with Art, Maths, Science and Computing to be exploited in meaningful and varied ways.  Through the DT curriculum, children learn how to take risks, be resourceful, innovative and enterprising

Design and technology projects follow the iterative process of designing, making and evaluating prototypes and products, whilst sequentially developing specific skills which are carefully planned to build on prior learning. Technical knowledge and the development of subject specific vocabulary is carefully matched to the children’s skills development so that they can apply their understanding to the design, make and evaluate process and talk knowledgeably about the choices they have made and why they have made them.

Our curriculum includes opportunities for children to learn to cook, as both a life skill and for enjoyment, with an underpinning focus on nutrition and healthy eating.  They learn cooking skills and techniques, and how to combine ingredients in different ways to reflect a healthy and varied diet. Children can understand where food comes from and the seasonality of different foods.

Opportunities to develop links with local business and High Schools are exploited, and regular workshops and events supplement our curriculum, providing enriching and inspiring learning.

In the document below you can read about the DT curriculum in each year group.