Southfield Park Primary School

Long Grove Road, Epsom, Surrey, KT19 8TF

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Parent Partnership

Working in strong partnership is very important to every child's learning journey. Positive relationships between parents and the school are fundamental to a child feeling safe and happy and therefore ready to learn and shine!  

 We encourage dialogue between teachers and parents. There are lots of opportunities for communication and also a range of events on the school calendar where families and staff get together socially e.g. Friends' events, Sports Days, Christmas and Summer Fairs.


Parent Support

We welcome and value your help in school, whether you have a specific skill you want to share with us or if can assist with more general activities. Parent involvement can include reading with children, helping with cooking, gardening and DT, support for using the library, or accompanying educational visits. If you wish to help in school, they must hold a current DBS clearance, which is simple to organise and can be applied for via the school office.

All parents and carers of children at Southfield Park, members of staff and governors, automatically become members of the Friends of Southfield Park.   For more details visit our Friends' Page.

Communication: School to Parents 

We communicate with parents in a variety of different ways:

  • Email – for general administrative information including educational visits, curriculum information, special events and newsletters. 
  • School website – for insight into school life and practical information such as our annual calendar and term dates.
  • Meet the Teacher evening – at the start of the school year.
  • Parent consultations – twice a year
  • Annual School Report – sent out once a year.  

Communication: Parents to School 

Teachers are happy to receive brief messages at the classroom door or on the gate at the beginning of the day. Parents can also email their class teacher directly or leave a message about their child with the school office. If parents would like a longer discussion with the class teacher, they can do so at the end of the day, ideally with a pre-organised appointment.


We encourage you to attend whenever we hold our Parent Consultation Evenings,.  Appointments can be booked via Tucasi, the online system we use for payments and booking parents evenings appointments. Click here or go to to log into your account.



If you have any ideas about how we can further support our partnership, please let us know.