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History Curriculum Intent

Our curriculum is organised into three skills strands:  historical enquiry, historical concepts and chronology. The key skills and knowledge are mapped across year groups, building sequentially, and then into thematic study so children can make links in their learning, recalling and applying their skills and knowledge in a range of contexts. In following our History Curriculum, children will be prepared for key end points, with a strong understanding of the society in which they live and that of the wider world and their position within it. At Southfield Park, the History curriculum supports children to know about and understand the past in Britain and the wider world, and how this influences Britain today and has shaped British Values.

The aim is that through History children learn to be curious, think critically, weigh evidence and sift arguments. The promotion of oracy skills is facilitated through the identification of key historical vocabulary which builds progressively, the opportunities to deepen historical understanding in different ways such as drama workshops, interactive learning opportunities and presentations. Educational visits, as well as fieldwork in the local area, enrich the history curriculum and make learning meaningful. Finding out about the growth of Epsom during Victorian Times with the expansion of the railways, as well as celebrating the town’s horse racing heritage, form experiences on which to base further learning.

In the document below you can read about the History curriculum in each year group.