Southfield Park Primary School

Long Grove Road, Epsom, Surrey, KT19 8TF

01372 743 104


Uniform Policy for All Reception and Key Stage 1 children:

  • Southfield Park School round neck sweatshirt or cardigan
  • Grey long or short trousers or grey skirt, pinafore dress or trousers (or purple / white gingham dress in summer)
  • White polo shirt plain or with school logo
  • Black Shoes
  • Grey socks/ white socks or grey tights 
  • Book Bag with logo

Uniform Policy for All Key Stage 2 children:

  • Southfield Park School V-neck sweatshirt or cardigan
  • School tie
  • Grey long or short trousers or grey skirt, pinafore dress or trousers (or purple / white gingham dress for summer)
  • White shirt, plain
  • Black shoes
  • Grey socks/ white socks or grey tights
  • Backpack with logo

PE Kit for all children:

  • Blue PE shorts
  • White t-shirt with logo or plain white t-shirt
  • Plimsolls or trainers
  • PE Bag with logo

Optional items:

  • Reversible fleece jacket with logo
  • Fleece with logo
  • Baseball cap with logo


The purchase of school uniform is via the online shop  Items highlighted in purple are available only from Schoolwear  Inc.  Other uniform items are available from Schoolwear Inc, but may also be purchased from the high street if you prefer.  You may find that high street retailers provide better value for money for those items of uniform which are not branded with the school logo or name, and we encourage you to shop around for best value.

The school aims to support sustainability of school uniform by holding regular pre-loved sales throughout the school year. These are kindly managed by our 'Friends'. 

Jewellery is not allowed except for watches and small stud earrings (worn at the owner’s own risk).  We also have a policy of no make-up or nail varnish.  Hair should not cover children’s eyes as this can affect learning.  Long hair should be tied up.

Please clearly name all items of your child’s property - if these are mislaid, they are much more likely to be returned.  Any named items found in school will be returned to your child.  Unnamed property will be sustainably disposed of or entered into pre-loved uniform sales periodically at the school’s discretion.

 Please do contact the school office should you need some help with school uniform. 


Click here to download the KS1 Uniform order form.

Click here to download the KS2 Uniform order form