Southfield Park Primary School

Long Grove Road, Epsom, Surrey, KT19 8TF

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At Southfield Park, our intent is that all children develop a love of writing, which will enable them to confidently communicate their knowledge, ideas and emotions clearly and creatively through the written word.

Our aim is that all pupils develop the competency and confidence to become independent writers who develop stamina for writing and are able to write at length. Children learn skills progressively so that they can write in a variety of styles, for different purposes and audiences. Meaningful and cross-curricular contexts provide a springboard for purposeful writing, fostering creativity, widening vocabulary and allowing the recall of learning in other subjects when writing.

Learning journeys group skills and grammar concepts, and provide opportunities for both short and sustained writing. Children learn specific skills and are then given the scope to develop their own ideas: planning, writing and editing their work with growing independence, and organising it coherently for a reader. So that children can record their ideas fluently, they are taught handwriting, phonics and spelling and grammatical structures in a planned a systematic way.

Our writing curriculum is responsive to emerging trends and best practice to ensure that all children achieve their best. Approaches are continuously reviewed so that the focus on learning within Learning Journeys matches the children’s needs and interests. Events, such as Writing Weeks, are organised to inspire learning and drive initiatives.

In the document below you can read about the Writing curriculum in each year group.