Southfield Park Primary School

Long Grove Road, Epsom, Surrey, KT19 8TF

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Reading for pleasure


Our school library is a welcoming, relaxing space for children to select a book of their choice and even spend time enjoying it. A wide range of engaging books are organised according to genre to help children find what they are looking for. Thanks to our kind parent volunteers, every class has the opportunity to visit the library and choose/change a book once a week.

As well as this, every classroom has a vibrant, engaging and regularly updated ‘Book Corner’. These are designed to be inviting spaces that promote and offer high-quality children’s literature which are signposted according to current topics and interests. Children are given ownership of this space and encouraged to discuss the books they have read and make reading recommendations for peers.

All classes have at least one session of purposeful ‘reading for pleasure’ where children can enjoy their current reading book in a calm and focused environment. Across the school, class teachers model the enjoyment of reading through a carefully chosen class text, promoting a healthy and regular relationship with reading and re-emphasise how it is a priority within our school. Class books are selected with the aim of exposing the children to interesting characters, current topics, good sentence structure and high quality vocabulary. We also strive to ensure that the texts on offer represent the diverse make-up of our school community.