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Spanish Curriculum Intent

At Southfield Park, the Spanish curriculum is designed to engage and inspire children in KS2 so that they develop a love of languages, providing a foundation for further language study.   A language education will foster curiosity and deepen children’s understanding of the world, as it opens doors to other cultures. Spanish has been chosen as it is so widely spoken across the world, and its phonetic structure means that children are able to feel successful. Children in Year 4 to 6 experience weekly Spanish lessons and in Year 3 the children begin their Spanish education with a series of taster and immersive sessions in the latter half of the year.

Children will develop an understanding of key vocabulary so that they can express ideas and thoughts in Spanish both in speech and in writing. Practical and oral approaches are prioritised so that children are immersed in the language and learn words and phrases to support everyday interactions and conversations. It is our intention that as children progress through the Phase, they can communicate with increasing fluency and confidence in discussions and when asking and answering questions, and continually improve the accuracy of their pronunciation and intonation.

In the document below you can read about the Spanish curriculum in Years 4-6.