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Welcome back to the 2nd half of the Spring Term; we break up for the Easter holidays on Friday 31st March, 1.30pm

International Links

Southfield Park Primary School has a commitment to promoting a greater understanding of other nations and other cultures through ensuring that children share their learning internationally. This allows young people here and the school community to develop a learning culture which crosses cultural divides and ensures that stereotypical views are challenged appropriately.

This year we have established an international link with a school in Poland. Working with the kopalinski Bilingual School anables us to find out about another primary school, share work and projects and celebrate our similarities and differences.

Assembly about the Kopalinski School

We held an assembly about the Kopalinski Bilingual School. We found out where it was in Poland and looked at some pictures of the school and activities which they complete at their school. The children had lots of questions so we sent them to the Kopalinski school who sent back these asnwers.


  1. Adrina (Year 3) : What school trips do you go on?

    ‘We go for school trips to places of cultural or historical importance, for example Cracow. We often go to the mountains as our city is surrounded by beautiful landscapes of the Beskid Mountains. Moreover, during the school year we can go to local photo galleries, ceramic art classes or indoor climbing as a part of our lessons. Last year, we went to zoo in Ostrava and this year we are going to Jaroslawiec for a week.’

  2. Laura (Year 3) : What events/special days do you celebrate?

    ‘We celebrate in our school Earth Day, International Recycling Day, Halloween, Christmas, Easter, Children Day. We also have a sport day, an art day, a photo day, an animal day. Every year we invite fire-fighters, police officers, famous authors or organisations protecting the environment and animals to give a lecture for our children. Once in a month we go to the theatre which is close to our school. Furthermore, 5 minutes away from our school there is Banialuka- a theatre of puppetry arts. Each year Banialuka organises an International Festival of Puppetry Art and features its spectacles in numerous countries, including Japan, Chile, Mexico and the United States.’

  3. Nathan (Year 6) : What clubs do you have?

    ‘Our children can participate in after school activities such as: art classes, music classes, dance classes, karate, swimming classes (during the winter we have ice skating classes), computer classes, English games classes, theatre classes, making experiments classes, classes with a Native Speaker from Canada and making experiments classes. So our children can choose from a wide variety of clubs :)’

  4. Grace J (Year 4) : Are the children from the Primary and secondary schools in the same place?

    ‘We have separate buildings for primary and secondary children. ‘

  5. Solly (Year 6) : What languages do you speak?

    ‘We speak Polish and English but we also teach French, German or Spanish. Parents choose the second foreign language for their children.’

  6. Marlon (Year 4) : What homework do you have?

    ‘We have homework classes every day. This is a time when children do their homework with the help of their teacher. When everything is finished, we can go and play outside. For bigger projects, children have one week time for preparation. ‘

An Introduction to the Kopalinski Bilingual School

Earth Day

During Internatinal Week we will be celebrating Earth Day and exploring ways which we can make a positive impact on te world. Below is a film created by the Kopalinski School showing the work they completed when celebrating Earth Day.

Here is a video about the Kopalinski Bilingual School.